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Hi, we’re the Kornfeld family and we welcome you to our Montana home, Sky Haus. We come out ourselves several times a year to enjoy the skiing, fly fishing and relaxing that Big Sky offers. We consider this home, Sky Haus, a significant blessing in our lives and we hope that your stay at Sky Haus also blesses your lives with relaxation and peace as well as adventure and excitement.

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"I loaf and invite my soul, I lean and loaf at my ease observing a spear of summer grass."
Walt Whitman

"In the woods we return to reason and faith."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle." – Albert Einstein



1) An EXTRA BAG/BACKPACK is invaluable for your clothes if you go to workout or swim at the Moonlight Lodge. It also works well to pack your lunches/drinks for your picnic or hike.

2) SUNTAN LOTION – perhaps counterintuitive in the winter, but very necessary!

3) SUNGLASSES – See above.

4) MEDICATIONS OF CHOICE for possible altitude sickness – you are at 8000 ft above sea level… lower oxygen = possible headache/body aches.

5) HANDHELD GPS – Great to map favorites/waypoints as you’re hiking. Also a great tool to locate that special "hawg hole" for flyfishing.


6) BEAR SPRAY - If you drive out, stop by any local hardware store/gas station/sporting goods store for this item. If you fly, buy some once you get into town (cannot be brought on the plane). This is not applied like mosquito lotion – it is a pepper spray that you use if you have a bear encounter. (Note, in 7 years of owning/visiting Big Sky, we have NEVER had a bear encounter but have heard of some uneventful ones…it just gives us peace of mind).

7) EXTRA SOCKS – we never seem to bring enough!

8) WALKIE-TALKIES –these are extremely useful whether you’re hiking, skiing or fly-fishing.

9) CAMERA / EXTRA CAMERA BATTERIES / CF CARDS / SD CARDS / FILM – the beauty out here is astonishing, don’t be caught short.



1) If you intend to ski more than 3 days, check out: for discount tickets or go to the Bozeman Costco (406-585-0383, 2505 Catron St., Bozeman 59718) on your way up and buy discount lift tickets - $173.00 for 3 full-day adult lift tickets which are otherwise $75.00 each.

2) Even if you don't ski black diamonds, take a trip up the Lone Peak Tram for a photo op (11,166 feet). You can always ride the tram back down.


3) While going up the Swift Current lift, try to find Bill Gate's rumored $25,000,000 Yellowstone Club home. He bought my friend’s 10k s.f. home and leveled it to start over……wow.

4) Rather than take the traverse to Lower Morning Star, cut into the natural half pipe to the left off the top of Mr. K.



Just go to our ACTIVITIES page and read of the many things you can do in the winter that don't involve strapping something large and flat onto your feet. In the unlikely event that someone in your party has a broken leg there are still a few things to do when they are lucid (between pain pills and sedatives). How do we know this? Our youngest son, when he was about 8, broke his leg on the first day skiing– bindings were too tight...

1) Drive down to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone (about 50 minutes away) and use the wheelchair to see a live wolf pack and grizzlies (they are fed year-round so they don’t hibernate).


2) Book a local Horse Drawn Sleigh ride (not bumpy) up to a mountain hut for dinner (bring the crutches).

3) Drive to Bozeman and go to the Museum of the Rockies (again, use their wheelchair), super interesting, you may even get a smile out of the injured one.

4) Watch the current show at the I-Max theatre in West Yellowstone, very cool.

5) Of course, movies at Sky Haus, along with a blanket, hot cocoa, and some mother-love!



In addition to skiing and fly-fishing, our favorite things to do include:

1) Year 'round: Low-maintenance hike and picnic at the local OUSEL FALLS. It’s only 15 minutes down the road with exceptional scenery. Great for all levels of ability, there are many places to relax and eat your bag lunches. From Sky Haus, go to Beehive Basin Road, take a left down to 64 (Big Sky Spur Road). Turn right onto Ousel Falls Road (across from the golf course). Continue for 2+ miles to the Ousel Falls sign on your left, park here, access to the trail is well-marked.

2) Non-winter Months: Hiking to LAVA LAKE. This one is a bit more exercise, but at the end of the less than 3 mile hike up to the top you’ll find a stunningly beautiful lake. This 40-acre forest-lined lake sits in a small valley surrounded by granite walls with the Spanish Peaks rising in the distance. Well worth the effort! Pack lunch, camera, bear spray, towel and swimsuit (for the hardy, water is cold all year round). Hint: Start the hike no later than 9 or 10am so you have enough time to enjoy the lake and get back before dusk.

3) Summertime: Jumping off the GREEN JUMPING BRIDGE. This is down 191 towards Bozeman, approx. 4+ miles north of the Big Sky Spur Road, take a left at Deer Creek Trailhead. Pack a lunch, bring your rod, camera and wear your swimsuit. It’s right on the Gallatin River and fun to watch others if you don’t partake yourself. Fish, swim, wade, enjoy! Forest Service bathroom on location.

4) Non-winter Months: Hike up to BEEHIVE BASIN on the Beehive Creek Trail. The main road is at the end of the block from Sky Haus. Follow it up to the trailhead, park your car, bring your camera, lunch and bear spray. It’s more rigorous, but again, well worth it. Also has cross-country ski trails in the winter.


5) Year 'round: Enjoy the HEATED OUTDOOR POOL AND WHIRLPOOL at Moonlight Lodge, about 1 mile away. (There is a daily/weekly charge for exercise/pool areas). When you’re done, have a sandwich or nachos and hot cocoa from the great bar menu at this beautiful lodge that is open to the public.

6) Year 'round: Enjoy a SPA TREATMENT at the Moonlight Spa, located in the lower level of the Moonlight Lodge, (1 mile away). Fee varies according to treatment. Moonlight Spa (in Moonlight Lodge): 888-338-0631 or 406-995-7700

7) Winter: Book a DOG SLEDDING trip and have a great time with this unique experience. Dress warm, bring the camera! Spirit of the North Dog Sled Adventures: 406-995-3424

8) Non-winter Months: HORSEBACK RIDING is everywhere. Call our concierge for referrals. Check our ACTIVITIES page for more information.

9) Winter: Book a Horse Drawn Sleigh ride up to a mountain hut for a prime rib dinner and entertainment at Lone Mountain Ranch. Unforgettable! Lone Mountain Ranch Sleigh Ride Dinner: 800-514-4644



We rarely eat out when in Big Sky (too much time and expense) so we’ve developed some strategies for eating well while there.

1) Make a few meals ahead. Lasagne, chili, chicken and rice casseroles all freeze well and are welcomed after a full day outside.

2) We shop at the Bozeman’s "Community Food Coop" (406) 587-4039 for many of the pre-made deli foods, perishables and last minute items. Although there are several grocery stores in Big Sky, their selection is somewhat limited and their prices are rather high.

3) Pizzas and mixed salad/veggies work well for quick lunches as well as a selection of ready made deli goodies.

4) Although we have a nice selection of organic herbs and spices at Sky Haus, it is best to bring your favorites.

5) The charcoal grill is at-the-ready with the gas line hooked up to the house for a quick propane start.


6) 5-WAY VEGGIES: We make a simple yet versatile vegetable mix that can be used 5 ways: alone as a salad/slaw, on top of green leaf salad mix, added to soup, in omelettes, along with meat/cheese/condiment in a wrap or sandwich. Store it in a special vegetable bag that you can get at the grocery store – it keeps moisture out, and the veggies stay fresh and tasty for at least 10-12 days.

Equal amounts: carrots, purple cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and 50% kale (I use dino kale). Note that these are all ‘low water content’ veggies which helps to keep them fresh together. The key is to use your food processor/julienne slicer to cut these into matchstick size pieces (think cole slaw). I cut the kale by hand. Mix all together and store in the special bag. Make enough for everyone for the whole time you’re on vacation and you’re set!



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